Sunday, October 01, 2006

Self Development

Step 1 to Developing a Brighter Life

Individual Self-Development

“Is what your are reading getting you the knowledge you need to attract your dreams?”

Individual self-development will depend mostly on the contributions that you make to your environment, your relationships, and your-self, in that order.

You need to ask your –self, “What is the most important contribution I can make to these three areas? What self-development do I need? What knowledge and skill do I have to acquire to make the contribution I should be making? What strengths do I have put to work? What standards do I have to set for myself?”

Action: Develop a plan to obtain the knowledge and skill you require, in achieving the maximum contribution of your environment and the life you live.

To take it to the next level and over the top, find a Coach to hold you accountable.

Step 2 to Developing a Brighter Life

Develop Others

The individual that focuses on contribution also stimulates others to develop themselves. This is 360 degree leadership that John Maxwell talks about in his book, “The 360 Leader”
This individual will set standards which are not personal but grounded in the requirements of the task. At the same time, they are demands for excellence. For they are demands for high expectations, ambitious dreams, and for work of great impact.

Develop and implement a plan whereby every one that is close to you are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.

Find a coach to help develop this plan, and hold you accountable to it.

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