Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Purpose of this Blog

The purpose for this blog is to give an opportunity for those who participate on it to express their thoughts, by leaving their name or by anonymous with their commits.

This topic is about Richard Robbins Int. an Achievement Coaching company based in Toronto. A very inspiring company to be part of, the company is driven by there,
Corporate Charter:
Enduring Purpose

We ignite lives.

Future Focus
We enjoy a fun, magnetic, powerful and high energy working environment.
• We ignite infinite human potential empowering others to become true architects of their business and life.
• We build a more productive world, one person at a time.

Who We Are (Values) We are:1. Integrity-powered,2. Fun loving,3. Humbly giving,4. Ever encouraging,5. Life long learners.

What We Do (Practices)
• We authentically attract success.
• We work together as a single world-class team bound by seamless communication.
• We have a passion for excellence, and an amazing attention to detail.
• We pursue simplicity and recognize that everything can be eliminated, simplified or improved.
• We passionately embrace the truth both in giving and receiving.

What We Know (Principles)
• The work we do, and our actions in life are a reflection of who we are.
• We will not always do things right, however, we will always do the right thing.
• Challenges are great opportunities for learning, growth and strength.
• There is nothing to fear if we are open to everything, attached to nothing and ego-free.
• The greatest competition in life is the competition we have with ourselves.
• Everything we do counts and will either add or take away from one's experience.
Anyone can be great because anyone can serve.
• There is nothing that cannot be accomplished when the right people get involved in a worthy cause, unattached to who gets the credit.

Our PromiseWe promise to be true to our enduring purpose, make every possible effort to achieve our future focus andtake consistent action in line with who we are, what we do and what we know.

So what are your thoughts?
Paul Gruber